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How To Throat-Sing
"Hidden" STEP: Hint about the Places to Practice

Japanese page
Let us suggest some hints about the places to practice throat- singing.
(This page is based on an answer mail to Mr OBATA, Takuji who gave us an e-mail about the How-to pages.)

Because the throat -singing is based on the resonance of the overtones of a human voice, it is very important to supply high frequency components to the voice (i.e. get your throat in high tonus) as mentioned above.
But you can FAR easily throat- sing with a support on the high frequency component by some OUTER sound source.
In KHOOMII, Mongolian throat- singing, you can find this kind of style. Khoomii sang to the accompaniment of Yoochin (Mongolian dalcimerw) , or of Morin-Huur (Horse-head fiddle) are these examples. (Mr Ganbold sometimes play Khoomii playing Morin-Huur. See the picture.)

(in a performance in Sapporo Nov. 30 1994)

Thus, the following places are quite ideal because there are constant noise filled with rich high frequency components;
  1. in the car
  2. in the subway
  3. platform of subways
  4. shower room
  5. any kinds of hustle and bustle
In these places, you can get not only the support for the high frequency component, but also a "filter" that hide your "oooo" voice and clarify the melody played by the flute-like sound. (Getting better, you can enjoy throat- singing in town without getting known who makes this wonderful music.)

Go for it as a throat- singer!
Please let us know your success (or would-be success?) stories!

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